April 09, 2010

Unisphere and Citifield Updates

Did some birdwatching this past Wednesday with Francois Portmann (http://www.fotoportmann.com/birdblog/category/new-york-city/). We checked out the Unisphere nest first which worked in our favor as within a few minutes of being there, the pair switched-off. Bobby came and relieved Cathy after a long night of incubating the eggs. She stretched her wings, groomed herself for a while, then no doubt went in search of food. I estimate the eggs to have been laid between March 21 and 27. So they are already anywhere from 13 to 19 days old.

Cathy takes a break after a long night of egg incubating


Not much to report about the Citifield pair. They are still in the area and still working on the nest. We watched them for a good two hours, but they remained somewhat inactive (maybe this little heatwave got to them). 


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