April 17, 2010

Unisphere Update

Despite some bad news about the Woodside and Astoria Park nests as of late, things seem to be going well for the Unisphere pair, Bobby and Cathy. I arrived at the Unisphere at around 10:30 A.M. and within a few minutes the switch-off occurred. I believe the eggs to be about 23 to 29 days old now, so they may hatch within the next few days. I managed to follow Cathy around for a while and get a few pics of her before she disappeared over the Queens Botanical Gardens.

Bobby on the left, Cathy on the right

The rest of the pics are Cathy


cvinzant said...

neat pictures. where's the nest on the globe, country-wise?

Queens Raptors said...

Hey Carol,

Its in the Pacific Ocean, west of Columbia on an I-beam that functions for support and the equator as well.

Leland said...

Several times now I have seen a large hawk flying over the Social Security building in Jamaica Center. Not sure where it lives.

Queens Raptors said...

Hello Leland,

I visited that area today but did not see any hawks. There is definitely some nest building going on at the Federal Building and I saw hawks chasing pigeons there last year so I'm assuming its Red-tailed Hawks nesting there. I will try again this weekend to confirm this.