April 17, 2010

Woodside Nest Update

I talked to the super and a resident of the building where the RTH nest is located and it turns out Sally has laid eggs but is not sitting on them. No one has seen Harry in nearly 3 weeks now, and she is not capable of sitting on eggs and feeding herself. I believe she laid the eggs around Sunday or Monday and attempted to sit on them but was just not capable of staying with them 24/7. Calls to the NYPD, Animal Control and the DEC have been fruitless as no injured hawks from the Woodside area have been turned over to the authorities, so Harry's disappearance may remain a mystery. It is still possible for Sally to find a new mate and lay eggs this season, so I will keep you updated on her progress.

Thanks to Woodside Hawkwatcher Deirdre for her help and pics of the nest and to Bobby and Cathy Horvath for their help in trying to track down Harry.

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