April 03, 2010

Astoria Park Update 4-3-10 Good News

Every cloud has a silver lining, so the saying goes, and a silver lining couldn't have come at a better time for Atlas of the Astoria park nest. By some minor miracle, within less than two days of the passing of his mate Athena, Atlas has found a new mate.

Atlas' new mate
I was thinking about Andromeda for a name

Atlas and his new mate

Atlas works on the nest while his mate feeds

I got the tip that he may have found a new mate from Astoria birdwatcher Jules Corkery who has watched the Astoria nest for several years now and is always a great source of information about these RTH's. I arrived at the park shortly after 9am and saw Atlas land on top of the new female(geez, time to play the name game again) and mate with her. I also saw Atlas bring material to same nest they have been using all year. It will probably be a late fledge if anything develops here, but at least we have some life back at the Astoria nest.


Donegal Browne said...

I wondered if the "interloper" RTH Jules talked about might not be a female hoping to gain Atlas's attention.

With the eggs gone from the nest, there is no doubt in my mind that atlas will double clutch as Pale Male Jr. and Charlotte did the year their eggs blew out of the nest. It was a late hatch but everything worked out just fine.


rbs said...

It may seem quick for a "replacement" hawk to move in, but it was almost as fast two years ago at the Cathedral of St. John. Tristan was injured and presumably died on a Thursday evening, and by Monday Norman had showed up to become the "new male".

FWIW: Artemis was the Greek goddess of the hunt.

Queens Raptors said...

Thanks Rob,

It's good to know these things, there are so many RTH's in the city now, and I guess I shouldn't be that surprised to hear that other RTH's have found mates rather quickly before. If only we could find a mate for that poor widowed Screech Owl in Central Park that Bruce watches. It would be nice to see Owl's flourish in the city the way RTH's have.



rbs said...

Andromeda's not bad, but for some reason I didn't notice her name when I was checking a Greek mythology listing.