April 04, 2010

Woodside and Citifield Update 4-3-10

Things continue to progress at both the Woodside and Citifield nests. Neither female is sitting on eggs yet, but hopefully that will change soon as both nests are looking close to complete. I chose the names Harry and Sally for the Woodside nest, and Sid and Nancy for the Citifield nest. Still need names for the Unisphere pair. I think I should name them Bobby and Cathy after Bobby and Cathy Horvath, wildlife rehabilitators extraordinaire! They have assisted the Unisphere pair over the years by rehabilitating injured fledglings and re-releasing them in the park. I should have thought of that earlier. They have done so much for wildlife in NYC that it's the least nature lovers across the city can do for them.

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Donegal Browne said...


What a super idea! Bobby and Cathy it is! Every year they end up with their eyasses it seems.