April 03, 2010

Astoria Park Update 3-31-10

Sometime this past Wednesday morning (3-31-10) Athena, the female hawk from the Astoria Park nest was hit by a car and passed away at the Animal Medical Center. I watched her over the past 3 years and found her to be an outstanding mother and great hunter in general. In 2008 she even raised a fledgling from another hawk's nest. It is very sad to lose such a large, beautiful hawk, and I'm sure all those who watched her over the years will miss her greatly. The patrons of Astoria Park as well as the Parks Department employees who do a great job maintaining the park, told me stories they had of her soaring over the parking, feeding her offspring or visiting them on their balconies or fire escapes. They all speak with fond memories and a sense of loss. This just helps prove the Red-tailed Hawks can become a part of the community just like the park they inhabit. I would like to give a big thanks to Bobby and Cathy Horvath for saving Athena back in 2007 when she nearly died from eating a poisoned rat. They gave her a few more years of life, and in return she graced us with her presence and her offspring.

Athena with one of her fledglings in 2008
With Atlas in 2008
Sitting in the nest in 2009

RIP Athena
With Atlas in 2010

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