November 29, 2009

Flushing Meadow

Spent a few hours today at Flushing Meadow to check on the progress of the new Unisphere nest and see if any interesting migrants were in the area. More sticks have been added to the nest, and the resident Redtail pair were seen flying around and calling out to each other several times throughout the day. I chased them around trying to get good pics of them, but couldn't get anything worth showing till the end of the day. Also spotted a Northern Harrier hunting close to the Fountain of the Planets. The Harrier and one of the Redtails flew within a few meters of each other, but no altercation took place. They probably just exchanged a few dirty glanced before heading off in different directions. Not much else has changed, the same geese, coots, ducks, gulls still around. I'm going to have to go early one day to see how many groundhogs are in the park. I know where they live, but they can be very hard to see out of their dens. The immature Great Blue Heron is still around as well.

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ellen said...

great pictures!