June 29, 2012

Queens Nest updates

As of 6-28-12 all the hawks from the 6 nests I have been keeping up with are fledglings. In total there are 11 fledglings (Astoria-3, Flushing Meadow-2, Woodside-2, St. John's-2, NYHQ-1, IDCNY-1). The IDCNY fledgling injured itself last Thursday trying to get back to its nest, the day after it fledged and ended up on the sidewalk. It is in the care of Bobby and Cathy and will most likely be released early next week as it did not sustain any major injuries. Its mother was also found to be ill, possibly with Frounce. The mother is also in the care of Bobby and Cathy and will hopefully make a full recovery. All other fledglings and there parents are well as far as I know.

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