June 14, 2012

IDCNY Nest 6-13

Wildlife Rehabilitator Bobby Horvath received a call about a Red-tailed Hawk that appeared ill and in distress at the IDCNY nest this past Tuesday. The hawk, believed to be the female from this nest, was allegedly perched on the same window ledge for over 5 hours, much of that time with her eyes closed. An attempt to catch and diagnose the hawk was unsuccessful as she flew off when the window was opened. I visited the nest the following day to find one of the parents staring in the window of one of the office windows about a hundred feet away from the nest. After a while it perched on another window, retrieved some nesting material from the ledge, and brought it to the nest. After that it retrieved a piece of prey that was already stored in the nest and fed its offspring before returning to another window ledge. The other parent never appeared during the 4 hours I was by the nest.

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