May 05, 2010

Unisphere Update 5-1-10

I visited the Unisphere nest this past Saturday with Francois and his friend Dennis to see how things were progressing there for Bobby and Cathy. We met at the Unisphere around 8am and were treated to a feeding shortly after arriving. We are still not sure how many eyasses are in the nest as we are still not able to see any heads popping out of the nest. The Unisphere nest is tricky as it is located in an I-beam that functions as support for the Unisphere and the Equator as well. The I-Beam is tilted at the same angle as the Unisphere, I'm imagining it is within the realm of 23.5 degrees as Earth is tilted at that angle towards the Sun. Cathy had left the nest briefly unattended, not exactly sure why, but she was probably hunting or getting some early morning exercise. Shortly after she left, Bobby appeared with food for his offspring (believe it was a pigeon). He didn't bring food directly to the nest, but waited for Cathy to appear to do so. Cathy did the feeding, but Bobby stayed in the area and watched carefully as the eyasses were fed. He even entered the nest area after feeding to do some sort of inspection and maybe nest repair.

 Cathy vacationing in Puerto Rico
 Cathy on left, Bobby on right
Bobby watches as Cathy feeds the Eyasses

Bobby inspects the nest area

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