May 09, 2010

A Brief Queens Update

Astoria Park/Triboro nest- I was able to briefly visit the Astoria Park nest today. The nest is still being attended by both Atlas and Andromeda, and the eggs should be between 14 to 17 days old now. I spotted Andromeda tearing bark off a tree at around 1:30 P.M. this afternoon, and shortly after that she switched-off with Atlas and he immediately began gathering twigs to make repairs to the nest. The nest still looks good despite the high winds yesterday, but unfortunately that plastic sheet still remains in the nest area.

Unisphere- Bobby and Cathy successfully hatched eggs this season, but I'm not sure how many yet. I plan to visit them soon to see how the eyasses are progressing.

Woodside- The original Woodside nest failed as Sally laid eggs but left them unattended after Harry disappeared. I received word from a fellow hawkwatcher that Harry is alive and well, and that the pair may be working on another nest for this season somewhere further north of last years nest. I'll have to try and confirm this later in the week to be certain.

Citifield- I haven't been able to find the Citifield pair for almost a month now and it appears they may have abandoned the area for various reason. I hope to find this pair again and discover if they are claiming a new territory.

All Faith's Cemetery- I worry about how this nest fared with the strong winds we've had the last two days, if this nest is even occupied at all. I'll be back there this weekend to see whats going on.

Raven's Nest- The Raven's have at least 3 chicks in the nest and they are growing rapidly.  

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