May 29, 2010

Unisphere and Citifield 5-28-10

I visited the Unisphere and Citifield area yesterday to see how the two remaining eyasses are progressing and to see if I could find Nancy from the Citifield nest. At Citifield I managed to find Nancy again, but no Sid and no nest. He stayed perched on a lightpost for well over an hour before disappearing in a hurry over South Flushing. I may decided to track her there one day to see if they found a new nest spot there.

Besides the eyasses getting bigger, not much to report at the Unisphere. Cathy stayed in the nest most of the tine I was there, except for a few minutes when she when to hunt and ended up bringing back a small bird. Both eyasses were fed, but the smaller eyass was rather hard to see. The larger of the two spends a lot of time high up on the nest, while the younger one is usually a foot away in a lower part. Bobby spent surveyed the nest from atop the Towers by the Pavilion.

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