May 25, 2010

Citifield Update 5-24-10

I lost sight of the Citifield RTH pair about 5 weeks ago. They abandoned their attempt to nest on a lightpost in Citifield and disappeared from the area they were frequently seen hunting. After my visit to the Unisphere yesterday I decided to have a look to see if they may have come back to the area. I looked around for about 30 minutes and was about to leave when I spotted what turned out to be the female (Nancy) of the pair perched on a lightpost.

I stayed with her for at least 90 minutes as she hunted around the fractured green spaces around the Grand Central Parkway, hoping she might lead me to a nest or at least Sid. She made several attempts to catch pigeons and starlings, and even flew directly over my head within 5 feet once in an attempt to snag a squirrel. As I was about to pack up my camera she dove to the ground within a few feet of me and managed to snag a small mouse that she devoured in about a minute. I hope she stays in the area and maybe I can spot Sid as well to be sure he is doing well.

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