April 12, 2010

Woodside Update: Have you seen this Hawk? 4-12-10

I've been following the Woodside RTH pair on a daily basis for the last few months. They've been together/mating for at least 2 months now and still Sally has not laid any eggs. I also have not seen Harry since around March 27. I may just be missing him, but it's a little strange not to have seen him for over 2 weeks during nesting season. Sally continues to work on and hang around the nest despite the fact her mate might be gone. No one has reported an injured hawk in the area and I haven't heard him calling from anywhere. I may call the police soon and ask if any injured animals have been called in or picked up. I may just be overreacting but she still may lay eggs soon and she has no mate to assist her. I saw her flying around tonight after 8pm and she ended up staying in the nest, possibly overnight.

All Pics Are Of Harry

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