April 23, 2010

Unisphere Update 4-23-10

I visited the Unisphere pair today to confirm that the eggs Cathy has been sitting on for the past month have hatched, and it appears they have. Within an hour of being at Flushing Meadow, she left the nest unattended 3 times to procure more twigs for the nest and made some improvements. She stood up at the edge of the nest most of the time I was there, and may have fed her new eyasses. Bobby stopped by to visit the nest once, but I missed seeing him enter the nest area and whether or not he brought food. I was distracted by a Bluejay that was mimicking the sound of a Red-tailed Hawk. I have heard Bluejays mimicking hawks on several occasions in Central Park, but never in Queens and never so close to perfection. Usually the pitch is to high and the volume to low for me to be fooled, but this Bluejay had me searching the tree for at least 5 minutes looking for a hawk.

I think it is safe to say the eggs have hatched and a new season of raising nestlings/fledglings has begun for Bobby and Cathy. 

All the pics are of Cathy in the nest area

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ari daniel said...

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