August 30, 2009

Owl Release

I was invited to an Owl release back in July by rehabilitators Bobby and Cathy Horvath. These are Eastern Screech Owls. 5 were released on this day, 4 being recent fledglings and the other an injured bird from Upstate New York. They were released in Central Park to repopulate the city with a bird that was a former native here. These birds come in a gray phase which tends to be more common in Long Island, and a red phase that is more common north of the city.

First Picture: Red Phase Female

Second Picture: Urban Park Ranger, Bobby Horvath(Rehabilitator), Biologist Rob DeCandido

Third Picture: Adam Welz (Nature Filmmaker from South Africa) holding a gray phase male that hung around after being released.

Fourth Picture: Cathy Horvath holding a gray phase in preparation of being banded

Fifth Picture: A pair of gray phase fledglings

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