June 03, 2012

St. John's and NYHQ Nests 6-1-12

I visited the nests at St. John's University and New York Hospital of Queens(NYHQ) this past Friday (6/1) to check on the eyasses progress. The St. John's nest is in a great spot on stadium lights overlooking a natural grass stadium. The nest and the surrounding platform that supports it provides lots of space for the eyasses to move about and practice their flight skills before they fledge. There are many trees around the area and the spring semester has ended so there is high level of safety compared to many of the other nests in NYC. The eyasses look well and appear to be less than two weeks away from fledging.

The NYHQ nest is also well situated within 50 feet of Kissena Park Corridor. The nest appears to be of adequate size for one the eyas currently inhabiting it. While visiting Friday I witnessed the mother feeding her offspring while the father chased away an intruding Red-tailed Hawk.

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