May 21, 2012

Queens Nest Updates

Here are some updates from this past week:

Astoria Park: I haven't gone to Astoria Park for some time, mainly because the nest is in a place that is very difficult to get quality photos of. I usually wait till the time the eyasses are near fledging to get pictures. But word from hawk watcher Jules Corkery is that there are two eyasses this year.

Flushing Meadow Park: I visited FMP this past Friday and was able to confirm two eyasses for this year. Both Bobby and Cathy look well and I was able to witness two feedings, both appearing to be baby birds, possibly poached from other nests. The eyasses appear to be between 4 and 5 weeks of age.

 Cathy bringing a baby bird to the nest
 This years brood
 Cathy bringing another baby bird

IDCNY Nest- This new nest, on the IDCNY building located in Long Island City, Queens, is still a mystery to me. Food is brought back to the nest and it appears feedings may be taking place, but I still have no evidence of eyasses. This nest is located 8 stories up and the street below it descends steadily south, making it difficult to see into the back of the nest.

 Female on the right, male on the left
 The nest is over a vent in the center of the picture
 The nest is two stories down beneath the Y
 The Female
 Female on the left, Male on the right
 Female bringing a half eaten Squirrel to the nest
The pair together on the IDCNY scaffold

NYHQ Nest (New York Hospital of Queens)- I got an email from Jeff Kolbrunner on Friday stating there is a confirmed Red-tailed Hawk nest on the Former Booth Memorial Hospital which overlooks the Kissena Park Corridor. As far as anyone knows this is the first time Hawks have nested here, so I decided to check it out. I was able to confirm the nest is there on a hospital sign located over the Oncology center on 56th avenue in Flushing, Queens. A maintenance worker who was making repairs to the air conditioning unit on the roof claims he looked down into the nest and saw one eyas. I was able to confirm this later with a photograph.

 Eyas in the middle below its mother's head
The male has very light eyes and he does not yet have the uniform brick-red tail

St. John's University Nest- The same pair has returned to use the same nest as last year, the stadium lights above Belson Stadium. Two confirmed eyasses for this year. 

 Two eyasses confirmed for this year
Female under attack from a Mockingbird

Woodside Nest- The Woodside pair are in their second year now using a different set of stadium lights than last year, but still in the same park (St. Micheal's Park). I plan to visit this nest soon to confirm, but I've seen other photographers pictures which show 2 eyasses for 2012.

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