March 20, 2012

Queens Nests 2012

Made the rounds over the last few days to see what was happening with the Red-tailed Hawk nests in Queens.
Here's the report-

Queens College- the QC female is still around, but it doesn't appear she has a mate. I followed her around for a few hours and didn't see another Hawk or any signs of nesting building. Last years nest was taken down at some point over the winter.

St. John's University- The St. John's pair is still around, but I couldn't confirm whether or not they were using last years nest or if they found a new one.

Woodside- The Woodside female is most likely sitting on eggs at this point. She sat on the nest for over an hour and a half before receiving some relief from her mate.

Flushing Meadow Park (Unisphere)- Bobby and Cathy are ready for another of nesting. They are using the same nest as last year, right near Indonesia on the Unisphere.

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