November 16, 2010

Queens Botanical Garden and Flushing Meadow Park 11-15-10

I visited the QBG and Flushing Meadow yesterday to see if I could locate Bobby and Cathy, and to see if their fledglings from this season were still around. Last time i saw their second fledgling Christopher he had moved further east into the QBG so I tried to locate him there. I had no luck finding any of the fledglings, but I did manage to find a pair of Juvenile Kestrels, possibly the ones that were released by rehabilitators Bobby and Cathy Horvath earlier this summer.

After a brief visit to QBG, I headed towards the Unisphere to see if Bobby and Cathy were around. I was lucky enough to spot them both rather quickly, and it appears they were making some repairs to a nest they used back in 2008. They seemed to rearrange some old twigs that remained from the old nest, and stayed only briefly before retreating to the Towers at the Pavilion. They stayed perched there for over an hour, possibly watching over there territory as migrants from up North pass through the area.

Red Bellied Woodpecker
Another Juvenile Kestrel (male)

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