May 23, 2010

Unisphere Update 5-21-10

I was eager to get to the Unisphere this weekend as I hadn't been there in two weeks, and I wanted to see how the eyasses were progressing. Shortly after I arrived near the nest, I noticed something large lying directly beneath the nest, more than 70 feet down. It appears one of the eyasses fell out of the nest and has perished. It had probably happened recently and could have been to do high winds or just an unfortunate accident as the eyass may have been practicing its flight skills in the nest area. I was not able to retrieve the body, as the Unisphere is surrounded by a fence during rehabilitation of the fountain below.

The good news is the rest of the family is doing well, both Bobby and Cathy and the two remaining eyasses.

The two remaining eyasses are doing well, hopping and flapping their wings and they were both fed while I was there.

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