March 26, 2010

Woodside Nest Update 3-25-10

I decided to visit the Woodside nest after returning home from Astoria Park Thursday evening(3-25-10). The RTH pair had not returned to the nest since last Friday, and I still wasn't sure if they were going to use this spot as a nest. I was pleasantly surprised to find both of them perched near each other in the park south of the nest. The female soon went back to work ripping twigs from nearby tree and pile them up on the fire escape. She must have been at it for some time that day, as the pile seemed to have doubled in size since that same morning. I returned to see them this morning and she was back to work on the nest adding to the pile. There appears to be enough material there to begin work on the construction of the nest. Several tenants of the building stopped by to talk with me, and it seems most people are viewing their new neighbors as a positive thing. I was thinking of naming this pair Harry and Sally, from the movie When Harry met Sally. Anyone have any other ideas? Not sure Sally is a good name for a hawk.


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