March 14, 2010

Washington Square Park 3-14-10

I visited the WSP nest today hoping to see how the pair was fairing and maybe see some nest building activity. In the two hours I spent there in the morning and evening, I didn't witness any nest building any only managed to spot one of the pair briefly at around 12pm. I was thinking about the rainy weather and how it may affect that particular nest, considering it is 27 stories high and probably 300 feet off the ground. I remember an unknown pair of RTH's attempted to build a nest atop 29 Queens Plaza North last spring, a building also referred to as the Clock Tower Building. The nest was at least 200 feet off the ground and built on a flat, narrow ledge. After nearly a weeks worth of heavy rain in April, the parts of the nest that were once visible has disappeared, and the RTH pair was never seen in that area again. There are a few similarities between the nest locations, but hopefully this pair will have better luck than last years QBP pair.

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