March 07, 2010

New Nest at Washington Square Park 3-7-10

I Spotted where the new nest is being built buy a RTH pair near Washington Square Park. A parkgoer and neighborhood resident told me he first saw the male in the park since December 2007, but there is no confirmation this is the same bird, although the man insists it is. I photographed him several times last fall, and can confirm it is the same male. Another birder named Dennis informed me the female may be the 2nd year RTH from nearby Tompkins Square Park. The new nest is located on a ledge on the northeast corner of the tower at 1 Fifth Avenue.


The pair appear to be quite similar in size, so it is hard to tell them apart



Approaching the new nest



A Cooper"s Hawk spotted a few hundred feet from the new RTH nest as Washington Square. One of the RTH's followed the Cooper's path north, but soon returned to the nest without a conflict.

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