January 27, 2010

Central Park 1-22-10

Spent a pleasant Friday morning and afternoon in Central Park testing out a new lens and searching for raptors. Didn't have much luck with raptors, but saw lots of other great birds.

These two crazy Bluejays were imitating hawk calls in order to scare pigeons and squirrels away from a large stash of peanuts and seeds someone dropped by a tree.

Wood Duck (male)

This crazy coon was trying to dig a hole in this tree, perhaps a new nesting spot

This squirrel reminded of the rat from the animated film Ratatouille. He really savored every morsel of that nut!

A Drake quenches his thirst

Another crazy coon, this one had its whole body exposed except for its face, which it managed to stuff in a hole in the tree

Red-bellied Woodpecker

House Finch

I believe this is a Turkey Vulture

Hooded Merganser (male)

Goldeneye (male)

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